September Hours (Vee)

Progress Log

__(mins) @ ___(client)


45 @Ed Duncan

Updated a new version of his interior - removed publisher verbiage on Ack. page, and took out Credits page altogether. Uploaded new PDF to CS. Also sent him an email on how to place orders via CS and Ingram - notating the directions will only work after the book has been approved in both printers. And told him to send LOC a copy as soon as we approve in CS.


20 @ Schoon/Holly


30 @ Ed Duncan

90 @ Stephen Hofer

15 @ Ted Christopher Jumped into his accounts - Nook, Kobo to change his ebook pricing to $3.99. For ibooks- had to accept new contract. Changed CS to $12.99. Emailed client - also asked for Ingram new PW to change it there.


15@Stephen Hofer

Made a text change to his 4 eBook covers. Sent him new versions.


180@Roger Cannon

10@ Frans

Began process to help Frans get his eBook on iBooks. Emailed him back and forth. He also asked an emial about why his BN book doesnt show his cover. I took screenshots showing his cover on



Emailed Holly a nudge on Change form.

Ed Nook vendor acct is still pending. Emailed support on Ed's behalf. | F/u with Jackie to see if she received my latest files. etc


20@ mails Ed vendor account approved. Made ebook live. | Sent Cynthia All-in-one ebook so she can setup in Kindle etc. Frans email.


50 @ Boetes

Called Frans - had to do a 3-way call between Frans and Apple iBooks support. Per supports help, we had to turn off his Two-Factor Authentication at Done. Setup his itunes connect account, and submitted his ibooks. Emailed Frans it will be live within 24 hours.


60 @ Various- updated work order for Doug Schoon. Saved his edits. - Roger Cannon f/u's. | Spoke via Zoom on 9/19 to Jackie on her edits. Added her edits to Authordock w.o.

20 @ Roger Cannon New POD uploaded/saved to Snowfall.

60 @ Stephen Hofer Began Proof 3.



Made Doug's A.A.'s - Emailed to Holly the new file so she can make sure I made all the edits and when she approves, I will proceed with CreateSpace.




40 @ Doug Schoon

Was waiting on Doug to approve his CS account - which he did today. Began setup process. Stuck at ISBN. Waiting reply. Received ISBN. Submitted to CS. Setup metadata too. Also asked Doug if he wants a color proof.

15@ Jackie Bernardi

Worked on her file to give Brian a time estimate to invoice her for the new change she requested. (Requires re-aligning everything.)