Author Royalty Statement

RE: ROYALTY STATEMENT – 4Q15 through 1Q16

Dear Mike,

Below is a statement of your sales & royalties due to you.

Kindle: $13.84
Apple: $15.03
Print (Ingram): $28.08

Total: $56.95

As a reminder, we run sales reports 2x/year, and the payment schedule is a follows:

I would like to send it to you via paypal. Can you tell me which email to use?

Also good news:

Going forward, you will earn 100% of the royalties from your print edition and get paid directly from the distributor. I’ll just need you to setup an account with IngramSpark and provide me your account info (account #, name, and email you register with them) so I can transfer your print titles to you (there’s no cost to you and you’ll now get paid directly for all print sales). The reason is that I am phasing out most of the ‘physical’ book publishing side of my business to focus more of my time and energy on the digital editions. The time it takes for me to run sales reports for the print sales outweighs the tiny royalties I earn for the majority of the titles I published in print. The 100% royalty will go into effect once Ingram successfully transfers your titles to your account.

My best,

Brian Schwartz
Author ★ Publisher ★ Speaker ★ Consultant
(805) 225-1251 (PST)
Skype: Brian.Schwartz
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You can find more detailed sales info via your own Amazon Author Central account.

Thank you for your all your hard work in promoting your book(s)! ~ Brian