Lessons learned

I did it again, and by logging it - I hope to avoid repeating it.

Don't outsource POD to India. They use InDesign. The word file they will send you back will not be useable. It will be full of gremlins. If you ask for a word file, the'll still build it InDesign and send you a word export of it.

The fact is, unless a POD is built from MS Word, your ability to modify it later will be limited by whether or not you have InDesign and KNOW how to use it.

The reminder is;

Time never changes. We either change over time or stay the same.

It got me thinking about momentum...

As we grow, maintaining momentum actually takes more effort, not less. Or if that's the case, have I made a wrong turn?

Or simply the lesson here is that in an effort to compress time, I attempted to take a short cut. That shortcut ending up taking longer.