Ready to Launch

I'd awake and feel like a misguided missile. It's anxiety without direction.

I lie awake tossing and turning because I sense there is something else important I should be doing that I’m not.

I wait to be told what to do… when a client says jump, I usually do. I have been in ‘reaction’ mode since I started my business 7+ years ago.

How do you move from a reactive place?

The funk returns…

Maybe it’s time to start paying attention. Something feels wrong. It’s when I sense I am not on the right path.

I thought I had kicked it. Things have been humming along quite nicely for the last several months.

But I began to wonder, when everything is fine, do I seek out something to fix? Do I carry a sense of guilt because everything is just fine, but that’s not they way things are supposed to be?

Perhaps it’s part of the deep conditioning I’ve had - that there’s always something more I need to strive for. That self-actualization is something I should be able to obtain. That a so-called ‘enlightenment’ will arrive someday.

But what if that time was now? What if I was more self-driven. Instead of waiting to be told, I drove others the way I’ve been driven by others.

It’s time to take the wheel. I know enough. The only work I want to do is that related to being the best version of myself. Myself 2.0.

It’s no different than reprogramming myself.

I often feel I have been traveling down a familiar path.

The act that follows it the result of the words I preload into my consciousness.

Every interaction is intentional. Every reaction is self-driven by a single obsession I have that I refer to as ‘RIGs.’ It stands for Recurring Income Generators.

Those who have adequate RIGs, have freedom, and are able to contribute more to the world as a result.

This doesn’t mean I won’t continue to serve others, in fact serve others better! Serve those who are self-driven.

What’s different now?

I lock on to my target. It begins with focusing on a single point. Despite the fact our minds race in a thousand different directions, I have set my sights on the primary objectives for the day ahead. One at a time, I zoom in to each primary objective which encompasses in my entire field of view. The act of seeing all my objectives for the day, the week, and the month is the result of being zooming out.

I put blinders up to everything else. When the detractors arise, I jot them on my ‘not now’ book. It’s the waiting room for my thoughts. My attention is on the tasks to complete the prime objective and I don’t leave the war room until the objective is met or have written a clear work order to return hand off the objective to the next one to arrive in the war room.

patient in my office. The door is closed and it’s strictly a client-patient privalage until we leave the room. It is my war room. My patient is the idea, the doctor is determinator of next actions and provides the patient the directives to act on.

The patient is my mind, and consults the doctor (the soul) on next best actions.

My prime objective consumes me until it is realized. What began as faint idea snowballs into something tangible. Something I can touch, feel, and taste. Something that draws the attention of others and earns their respect and admiration.

For we admire and respect those who are fulfilling potential. Those who are creating and sharing.

exists in every minute of the day, it becomes my reality. I dissolve into my focus of attention. It easy to choose a desired outcome, afterall, desire takes no effort at all. But it takes dsicpline to hang on to your prime objective with all the other pulls of your attention throughout your waking hours. Those who succeed realizing their potential carry through with their thoughts every hour of every day. Successful people choose to do what unsuccessful people don’t do.