Key Performance Indicators (for business & life)

If life is a program, KPIs provide the biofeedback we can use to guide us towards success.

KPIs help drive your daily strategy in the right direction.

Strategy is a set of principles used to guide your thought processes, decision making, and actions, in order to accomplish an objective.

Your strategy is how you are going to accomplish your goal.

You decide based on options, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses. For years, I ran my business without a strategy. It worked to keep me going, but I never felt like I was getting ahead - The only equity I was building was good will with my clients, and after more than 7 years in business, I had built a lot of good will (over 400 clients).

But the question became - how do I turn that good will into equity?

The good news was that I was starting from a good point.

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