Month End

Getting from point A to point 'Be.'

Deadlines drive action. I use the ten day sprint as well. But the idea behind A Year Left to Live is to live each day, each moment as if it where your last.

I had a dream, not a good one. I was asked to speak at an event. The topic being Everythingthat I have been trying to get clarity on. I was to go on just before the main speaker and the crowd filled an entire stadium. I went home to prepare. But I somehow lost track of time. Ten minutes before I was expected to go on (4pm), I was still at home. I was not dressed, I was in the bathroom (Incidentally, I had to get up to use the bathroom the moment I awoke). It was ten till 4 and I was more than ten minutes from the stadium. I was about to miss the biggest opportunity of my life.

I rarely remember dreams this vividly. So when I do, I pay attention.

The takeaway for me is to be prepared. I never know when the opportunity may be handed to me. In fact, I have an event coming up next month which is my opportunity to shine. It's my opportunity to open up a door to something new.

My life, my terms

I plan to read A Path with Heart.

To do so, I need to create time to read it.

In fact, I will first carve are time to 'taste' it. That is, to read a sample on Google Books.

And so it begins...

Remembering Randy

Last week, we lost a friend. Not a close friend, but still a friend. I had some very meaningful conversations with Randy, as I know many others did. He enlightened me with the 500 Fans Concept which simplified the business idea for creatives. It's an analogy I often share with others in varying ways. He passed along some valuable knowledge.

An altar for randy. We do it for famous people. And it can be done easily with PubWriter.

Learning & Teaching Budapest

It's a 3 chord song! C F G

Learn it. Teach it. Master it!

Bright Shiny Objects

aka: Not Now

Because I found this book on Redmine. * Scribd Referrals for free membership

Now pages

What if everyone a now page? Here's one, although she is not calling it one.

What would they contain? * Home * Bio * Projects * Teaching * People * CV (vitea) * Contact info