When you become what others want in life, when you become an integral part of of what they need. Don't just aim to make your creation valuable, make it indispensable. Make it the best option. Google has become indispensable. Your doctor is indispensable. The post office is indispensable. My yoga teachers are indispensable. My bank is indispensable. My lender is indispensable. It's those who get us what we need who become indispensable. Youtube becomes indispensable once you start to depend on it.

It's the creators who make things we don't even know we need, yet become indispensable once we discover them. Those are the self-made billionaires.

PubWriter, AuthorDock, and Markdown have become indispensable to me. And they can to others once the discover them. Once you begin to use a tool, and that tool works, it can be indispensable.

Sidebar: writers tip: put the word you want to work with in your clipboard. Hit paste (cmd-V) to insert the word and then use word counter to see how many time you used the word. The clipboard makes that word readily accessible! Explore the other clipboard apps that let you keep an expanded clipboard.

Everyone wakes up as you do. They have their own desires, goals, aspirations. We all want to not just do the things that bring us happiness, but help others, give & receive love, pay our bills, keep a roof over our head, feel secure, and satisfy our bodies need for food & water.

The more you help others realize these basic needs, the more you become part of what they create everyday, the more you help them achieve their desires, the more your desires will not only be met, but overwhelmingly filled.

When you desire becomes an authentic desire to help others achieve their desires. When your fundamental choice is to help others fulfill their fundamental choice, all your dreams (and more) will be fulfilled.

If everyone lived by this truth: I exist to help others achieve their prime objectives. My prime objective it to help others discover and manifest their prime desires.

To achieve this, I must first identify the fundamental choices of others, get clarity on their prime objectives, and help show them how to implement their secondary choices through the tools and resources within my control. This involves bringing the best experts to them, into a system of action. Actifest is to manifest through action. It's the creation and the realization of the idea.

To become an integral part in the prime objectives of others is my prime objective.

I am beginning to notice and be extremely grateful for those who have become integral parts of my own prime objective. My spouse, my friends, my family, my teachers, my colleagues.

I'm looking at my own prime objectives (POs), and seeing the connection to my fundamental choices. My POs over the past 10+ years have been: * Lose my gut / look good naked * Earn six figures / achieve financial independence * Live healthy / feel vibrant * Be in control, organized, and accomplish more

Now ask yourself: what tools, which individuals, and what else have you tapped into to create these in your life? What is ever present in my life now? Music, meditation, and writing. Technology is ever present, it is how I connect with others, generate income to live on, and the primary tool I use for writing and reflection.

I've discovered deadlines matter. Scarcity drives action. Being penalized for delay and FOMO are prime motivators for me to act. Even fear of losing a deal is a motivator for me rooted in FOMO. Much of my life is in fact a struggled to avoid FOMO. How many of our decisions are primarily driven by FOMO? Or even deeper is it really FOBLO (fear of being left out)?

I've just completed a great peace of writing. Now get it edited and find a way to get it found. PubWriter is a vital piece piece of the indispensable workflow for communication, action, and the creators canvas. To assign this to an editor, I use AuthorDock.


But what people care deeply about and cherish and talk to their therapists most about and fall madly in love with you over is actually your particular combination of ordinary. That’s what makes you so extraordinary, that’s what makes you so lovable, that’s what makes you so irreplaceable. Source