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AuthorDock is a better alternative to email and PubWriter is the simple way to publish a beautiful web page without effort.

About myself and my philosophy

Since 2009, I have worked with over 500 authors. I served as the president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association in 2012/2013, and am a member of the IBPA and SLO Nightwriters. I try to speak at a few writing conferences/year and I teach publishing at Cal Poly University in the Writing Program. I am also a writer myself, part of small critique group of like minded writers (we call ourselves Critiki).

Outside of work, my passions are Yoga, Ukulele, and Meditation. In fact, I call it my YUM fountain of youth!

I am extremely grateful to live on the California central coast. While I never meet the majority of my clients face-to-face, I love the opportunity anytime I do.

What am I writing?

Much of what you read on this site is beta writing. Still in progress with editing, rework and proofing to be done. It's a glimpse into the mid-point of my writing workflow - the phase between unfinished and finished, between unpolished and polished work.

Prince is said to have thousands of unpublished songs, it's his ' because they are what I would classify as 'beta' work. He wrote a song/day. Likely, some of those are so short they would hardly constitute a song and much of it was just practice. He was a creative genius. If his song writing technique is similar other songwriters, you will hear the influences of whatever he was listening to at the time he wrote the song. I would even speculate that a lot of his unfinished work that he never released is too close to the work of others. We ALL pull our ideas from somewhere. Perhaps it was from his own music, which makes me contemplate the idea that the more we create, the more we can pull from our own creations for inspiration.

He was also highly protective of his work which may have kept his best work from his fans (until they are released which is inevitable). Indeed, he will likely make more money dead than alive.

PubWriter provides writers with a canvas for unfinished work. It's my beta writing, and it's often influenced heavily by something I'm reading.

I am not sure I can stay I always stick to this process, but I try:

Common themes in my writing:

Meditation is the opportunity to find peace within yourself.

People I admire (& who inspire me)

I will create a (dedication) page to elaborate how each of them inspire me!

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You can say these are the events that shaped who I am?

One of my goals is to publish something every single day on this site. Check out the Table of Contents to see what I've published lately.

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