Updating your iBooks Metadata

While you do need a mac to publish your book to the iBookstore, you don't need one to update much of your metadata, including title, subtitle, description, categories and pricing.

Step 1 - login to your iTunes Connect account

Step 2 - Click on My Books

Step 3 - Click on your book Cover

Step 4 - Click on the 'edit' button next to the title 'Metadata'

Note: if you want to update pricing, you'll need to click on the Rights and Pricing button

Step 5 - Update the information accordingly on this screen

Note: if you want to change your author name as listed, you will need to click on the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of your screen (after you login):

And then follow the prompts:

Note: You can always call the iBooks support desk at:1-877-206-2092 as well.