Developing an App

What can we learn about our own life programs from Apple's Developer app guidelines?

  1. Build and test your app in the framework.
    If you want to build an extraordinary life, you will need to first need to learn the fundamentals of the toolset used to build it.

  2. Optimize Your Design and Images (Editing and Layout)

  3. TestFlight Beta Testing (Advance Review Copies)
    Sending it to beta testers for testing and user feedback.

  4. Get your product page ready.

    • App Icon (The Cover)
    • App Name and Description
    • Keywords
    • Screenshots
    • App Preview
    • Category
    • Submit to the App Store for Review
    • Release Date
    • Link to Your Product Page
  5. Apple


PubWriter is a tool that allows you to build content for the cloud. An incarnation of eBooks, given the creator full creative control over the process, the ability to implement changes at the click of a button, and a direct connection to the reader.

PubWriter is built on the Markdown and Bootstrap framework. It's helpful to know what is possible with both of them so you can take advantage of all they have to offer.