The Hero's Journey

I am creating a playlist to inspire you and you write your own hero's journey!

The role playing adventure of a lifetime.

Where you actually step into the game and start living it.

This writing was inspired by Will Craig's Living the Hero's Journey.

Below are some of my highlights, observations, and adaptations.

On our journey

On teaching and mentors

On Ambition, change, and entitlement

Decisions, Fate, and reflection

The Daily Hero's Journey

Each day, we have the opportunity to live the cycle of the hero's journey.

"We have the opportunity to improve our lives incrementally one day at a time."




The start of the day is where the call to adventure begins.

This can also be folded into the 3 phases of creation:


The spark of an idea. You have a vision of the day ahead. It's the call to adventure, and tension is created between the done & undone. Your mentor is within you and you take a leap of faith when you step into the world and put yourself out there.



Daylights (Highlights)

What was the best part of your day? Peak Experiences? Best news you heard?

Amazing peak when I rode into Edna Valley and the wind was at my back. It was a moment I will not soon forget. Amazing meditation tonight. Rice crispy treats (I made).

Single Peak Experience

Ride into Edna Valley

Creative Sparks Promo cards for Mary Kay Website tweaks for Jon Nibbling (

Wisdom gained

(Obstacles you overcame, failures & setbacks) Horrible dinner at Grill Hut. At least it was half price.

New opportunities

(Requests from others. Follow-ups. New promises.) Started the ball rolling on a hot tub.

Grateful For

An awesome Sunday!

The Self Assessment

What makes you tear up (in a good way)?

We all have something that triggers our emotions; pulls on our heartstrings—even tough guys (especially tough guys). What is it for you?

What makes you angry and annoyed?

What makes you so mad it’s hard to keep it together? What sends you over the top? more...

Inauthenticity. Lacking Integrity. Mean spirited. Angry and aggressive people (bullies). Those who lack humility.

What charges and recharges you?

Writing. Music. Reading. Nature. Yoga. Health. Authenticity. Truth. Being who you are regardless of what others might think.

People that resonate this quality?

Who am I most inspired by? Who do I admire the most?

What are you better at than anyone else you know?

Gold mining


What is it that people know they can count on you for?

In your family, you’re the one who ________. At work, you’re the go to person for ________. more...

When will you be worthy?

Even the most confidant of us question if we are deserving. What would need to happen to feel truly commendable? How would you know for sure? more...

The universe is providing you with an unprecedented window of opportunity. As of this moment, your lifelong dream has no limitations. We’re not sure how long this window will be open, but for now, you don’t need to come up with the time, money, or any other resources. You don’t even need to have all the answers, at this point. There are no limitations—you cannot fail.

Q. What gift will you share with the world?

Q. Who or what would you die for?

What means the most you? For whom would you make the ultimate sacrifice? more...

Your time is up. What is your final wish?

The death you now experience is metaphorical and comes with a twist. Before you leave this world, you’ve been granted one last wish (and it can’t be for more time). How will you use it? What will it be for? Who will benefit? more...

Q. How do you want to be remembered?