Nothing Ever Happened

by David Godman

Work Order

eBook conversion of 3 volumes.

Page 1 is the cover in each PDF

Page count, after removal of index (see below) is:

Vol. 1: 401 pgs
Vol. 2: 399 pgs
Vol. 3: 443 pgs

Modifications needed:

1. Remove the Index in all 3 volumes. For your reference, here are the page #'s in the PDF:

Vol. 1: 381 - 396
Vol. 2: 381 - 395
Vol. 3: 425 - 438

2. Move back cover to the front and make it the start page of the eBook

3. On the last page add a title 'About The Author' and add it to the TOC:

Note, that the contact info on that page needs to be updated. Here is the new info:

Avadhuta Foundation c/o Organic India USA, 7088 Winchester Circle Suite 100A, Boulder, CO 80301 Telephone: 303-473-9295 Fax: 720-565-3894