Life is a giftcard

What if you added $100/day to your Amazon balance this year. At the end of the year, you'd have $36,500 to spend at Amazon. Now, imagine if you put $100/day into an account that pays 5% interest. At the end of the year, you would have a balance that pays $1,975 every year. In 10 years, you'd have $56,250, as long as you didn't spend any of the money.

So can Amazon create an account that pays interest? What if Amazon allowed you to buy Amazon stock with the balance in your Amazon account?

At the end of the year, imagine living solely on that balance you've built up. Yes, imagine if EVERYTHING you needed to live was acquired through Amazon.

Imagine planning out an entire years purchases. How much time would be freed up to live your life, to earn a living, to do meaningful work... when you are not burdened with the decisions of what to buy. Everything you need just shows up when you need it.

The way things are heading, this is the future Amazon hopes to create. As they systematically eliminate every retailer on the planet, we will be left with one option. And the price they decide to charge for the things you need will be up to them.

And when a company's primary objective is to increase profit for it's shareholders, they only way it can continue to do that is through raising prices.

You can't save enough to buy tomorrow because it will cost more tomorrow than it will today.