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Two Reasons to Publish NOW: * To grow your business * To leave a legacy

Q. What's the best investment you can make in yourself or your business now?

If you need to promote yourself, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and stand in front of 300+ people at good morning SLO, then write a book!

I will teach you publishing strategies to maximize every word. The internet provides an unprecedented opportunity to expand the reach of your book and maximize your exposure - both online and off.

Since 2009, I've worked with over 400 authors. Many have gone on to become bestsellers. Stories abound of doors that have been opened as a result of them publishing a book.

You can be an introvert and still be very successful. Just look at Jay Asher who published 13 Reasons Why which is one of the bestselling books ever and got adopted into a series on Netflix!

Once you know how, it becomes a real possibility. Why don't more people do what they say they want to do? No one has shown them the path. On April 29, I will show you the path that has been traveled by hundreds of authors before you. It's a well established path that anyone can travel.

You will see first hand the tools and resources to turn your idea into reality. Whether or not you are ready to publish, you will discover tools to get you as far as you want to go.

After working with hundreds of authors, I've learned precisely what works and what doesn't. I distinguish the essential from the optional.

What can a book do for you? 1. Improve your credibility. 2. Connect you with like minded individuals. 3. Extend your ideas beyond the limits of space & time 4. New connections, new paths, new knowledge

An author has doors opened that otherwise would have never appeared. Your efforts to network are vastly improved when you have something to talk about! It's not uncommon for an author to be viewed as a celebrity, since they accomplish something so many people aspire to do.

A book is something bigger than yourself, and others admire those who seek goals larger than themselves.

The path to master is to learn, do, teach.

Writing is the best form of teaching because it allows you to teach beyond the limits of time and space. Best of all, a book can be passed along, along your reach to be infinite!

The web provides a vehicle to extend a book beyond the the limits of phyiscal barriers. If someone on the other side of the world wants to read your eBook, they can, right now, without delay! An eBook is simply a book in a highly transportable form.

Register by April 1 and we'll showcase your book at the 2018 L.A. Book Festival, the largest in North America with over 150,000 attendees! (this is $250 value)

Learn. Do. Teach. Write. Speak. Sell.

Unsure of what you'll write about? Try the 100 words/100 day challenge. For the next 100 days, commit yourself to writing 100 words/day. Write about anything. In fact, don't think too hard, just let the words flow and see what arises. I bet that at some point in those 100 days, something will arise. Words that need to get out of your head and onto paper will become evident. Give your ideas water (the 100 words/day) and the seed will flourish naturally. Writers block is simply an effort to force that which doesn't flow naturally. I'll admit, some days, the 100 words are just random thoughts. But because we can think what we are about to think, the prompt is the catalyst.

[Prompts for your 100 words]. Need a little miracle grow? Here are 365 prompts to help you get your 100 words/day.

More resources:

Note: for me, I often read something. And words flow as a result. I find medium a great resource. Specifically these medium publications provide great inspiration for me:

Make time your accountabilibuddy. Right now, set a deadline 100 days from today. You will have written 10,000 words in 100 days (likely more), and from those words, you will have the seed of a book. In fact, today's short attention span reader appreciates shorter books, and 10,000 words does give you a great eBook.

You can justify the investment of your time and money in this. If not to grow your business, to grow your own self discovery. This is your golden opporutnity to take the 'What If' further, and in doing so, ignite an enthusiasm in you that you haven't felt in years.

Even if you miss my class, I hope you consider making the 2018 L.A. Book festival your goal. It's in April 2018. There's no better opportunity to launch your book!

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