The Fan Building Framework

By Brian Schwartz

We can't control the actions of others, only that of ourselves. Successful authors focus on the effort, not the result.

Marketing is an effort, sales a result. Focus on the effort, not the result.

The FBF (Fan Building Framework) is an valuable strategy to help you grow and maintain your fan base (your followers).

How will you engage your fans?

Most social media profiles indicate a number next to your name on your profile page to reflect your social influence.

If you add up all the likes across all your social media channels, you'll actually be able to quantify your total influence.

The more fans you have, the greater your influence is both online and off.

Below are individuals using the 'FBF' technique (which is in use by thousands of successful marketers in one form or another).

What are the key components?

1. Well written sales page

Video Sales Letter (VSL) is an excellent strategy

2. Compelling offer

Here's a good example of a compelling offer:

3. Subscribe button

examples to follow

4. Follow me links