by Brian Schwartz

If you grab your phone to check Facebook when you are amongst friends - please read this!

I’d prefer to not have to wonder where I rank among your friends.

What would it look like if you ranked your friends like Amazon ranks books? You might have different categories, but you probably would still have an overall bestsellers list.

And what if Facebook added a scorecard page that automatically ranked your friends based on your views & likes? I bet it would reveal the length we sometimes go to just to impress others.

Facebook does this to an extent already by prioritizing the most popular likes in your feed.

Here’s my advice: Rank whoever you are with at the top of your list. They are, after all the only ones who matter in that moment. Later, when you are with others on your list, rank them at the top. Be impressed and pay respect because you are standing in front of the bestsellers. Give them all the love they deserve since they are ranked above all the rest.

If your friends on Facebook are more important than the friends you are with, you need a (Face)Slap. If the people you are trying to impress are not the people you are with, but instead on Facebook (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or text), I’d like to give you a high five - a high five to your face that is.