Life as a Text Adventure

As a copywriter, you need to grab catching headlines and titles whenever they grab your attention! If they cause you to click, they'll cause others to click too!

Seeing the world with fresh eyes.

The instinct to design is strong. As creators, we seek sell expression at our core. The more we create, the less we let problems that arise phase us.

Those who focus on problems are are only creating problems for the rest of us.

Instead, tune in to your creative spirit and design your own adventure. The more your realign yourself to your souls calling, the more fulfilling and complete you become.

You are never a victim of circumstance, rather your circumstances are the raw materials from which you design your own adventure.

We invent constantly. What's needed is a structure to capture your inventions to be leverage for further growth.

In the creative mindset, we focus on progress, not the result. The result is out of our hands. Our effort is the only aspect within our direct control, so we direct our energy on the effort.

In time, we come to understand the opinions of others no longer matter. What matters is that we act in alignment with our creator. It's ultimately up to us to decide what to create, and declare when it's complete.

Ready Player One

Design your own adventure

The game feels real, but it's not.

From the moment you were born, you were wired into a game. We call the game life. It's a real life text adventure. All that exists is information. Life is a game meant to be an exciting adventure where you test the limits of what's possible every moment.

Like the dream I had last night however, none of it is real. Nothing that happens will actually kill you. It's a screen that is right in front of you or a pair of virtual reality goggles you can't take off. Everything you see is being generated from a super computer called your brain.

Although it all feels very real, none of this is actually happening the way you perceive it. A true objective view of reality is not possible, and the longer you live, the further from reality you get.

Everything happening is not actually happening to you, but rather you are viewing, interacting, and engaging. Since it all resonates from your own mind, you are both the creator and the experiencer. The actor and the audience. You are essentially just a player in a game. Indeed, it all feels very real - it's mean to. Fear is more often amplified, and may be an important clue of what to do next.

It's all optional

At the most primative level of the game, to stay alive requires little. But an exciting game entails far more exploration.

But when the shit gets intense, just remember it's a game. And you can do almost anything, within the limits of the game itself.

Sometimes, to experience more, you need to acquire more coins. But be careful not to get stuck collecting coins for the entire game, you'll miss out the cool experiences the game provides.

Other players

Here's where things get interesting... none of the people are real either. How we show up for others is how we want others to see us. It's rarely who we really are. Everyone is plays off each other. We are like actors in a movie without a script. Life is impromptu, an improvisation. Some players are better at it than others. If you are waiting for the script, it will never come.

Other players are reflections of yourself, here to support your adventure. They react accordingly to the words you say and the action you take. They are unpredictable because it's all impromptu - just like all the other elements of the game.

The vitality level you have is a result of the work you do to increase and maintain it.

The wisdom is matched to the intelligence you gain and your ability to apply it.

Time is the tempo of the game. When you get deep into an experience, time slows down so you experience it more fully.

When we sleep, we recharge the energy, as our life force energy has a limit that must be replenished.

When we engage others, we are introducing new variables into the game.

Where we get off track is when we start to believe the game is real. That there some hidden meaning to it all. That there is something more that what it is.

Meditation is a chance for the player to hit pause. When I meditate, specifically when I get into a deep state, I get a glimpse of what real life is like. It's very surreal. It's as if I'm still in the womb. And maybe I am. And maybe when you lose a life in this game, you simply return to the womb.

But a new case for this iPad with a good keyboard embedded into it. It's a great traveling writing tool, but not without a good keyboard.

Limitless possibilities

Although real obstacles and dangers do exist, We tend to get in our own way. We over estimate our capabilities and forget that there are hidden variables constantly thrown into our game to keep it interesting. Sitting idle on the beach does not make for a fun game.

As of late, I've been given a few bonus points in the wealth category. But I've taken some hits in the health category.

Others are aiding me to play the role of a music teacher. For the entirE game, others have been written into the script to challenge me with different roles.

Level Up

When we take on a greater challenge than we've attempted before, we level up. As we play at a more difficult level, we are certain to face more challenging obstacles. But once we successfully reach the end, we get to level up again.

Where we are in life is a direct reflection of the number of times we've leveled up. And at each level, we face new challenges. We don't progress to the next level until we've reached the maturity and acquired the treasures this level has offered.

To proceed to the next level, we must be willing to accept the events that occurred in this level.

Daily lessons

To an extent, everyday offers a lesson. As does every week, every month, and every year. Every person, every setback, every win, every loss... they all provide valuable clues we must use to graduate to the next level.


When we act true to our character, we authenticate with others. If we are playing the role honestly, we are playing it true to our character. We are not trying to be something we're not. At the end of the level, authentication is required to proceed to the next.

1's and 0's

It's all a matter of inputs and outputs. Cause and effect. Data in, data out. It's really all there is. Trying to make it mean something else is a delusion.

As science is starting to reveal, at the smallest measurable unit, all of life boils down down to data, similar to what we create with computers.

Knowing this can be incredibly freeing. There's not some higher power, everything is connected, and you are a almighty powerful CoCreator. What you create and what you experience is simultaneously created at once. This past and the future converge into a single moment called now. What you are is what you've both imagined yourself to be and what you become.

What we notice is what pulls us to it. Whether it's the smell of meat cooking or the popcorn, we get absorbed by what we notice. We become our awareness. The only limits to our experience are what we choose to notice as it occurs. We become connected through our awareness of whatever it is. Pay closer attention to where your attention goes. Tune in to your intuition. You are in fact drawn in to everything you are aware of, despite a judgement of whether or not you deem it as good or bad. This is why we become most like the people we associate with... whether you respect them or not doesn't matter. They influence your subconscious by the words they speak and the actions they take. We mimic them more than we realize. It's because we are connected, it's because at a subatomic level, we are one.

Are you drawn to wealth, power, poverty, music, books, nature, physical attraction, or self awareness? Notice how your actions follow your thoughts. Notice how what you allow yourself to be pulled towards drive the action that follows.

How else can you explain getting absorbed into a movie? We are completely consumed by where our attention goes. You are not doomed to repeat the past, we are doomed to become that which we allow our attention to go. If that's the past, then the past becomes the future!

What fixes us and what breaks us, to a large extent, is what we choose to believe. If I believe a pill I take will ease my back pain, it will.


The rules that we accept both limit us and free us.

Example: If you live by the 16 hour rule, that you will wait to eat until 16 hours has passed, you will benefit from improved health and higher energy.

What unchecked rules guide our experience without our awareness of such? Subconscious rules we inherited from our parents perhaps? From our friends? From society?

Example: you must work hard for wealth. All income is earned. Unearned income is undeserved. People who take what they don't deserve are worth less. You value those who earn their position in life. Hard work is more than an high value, it paints how you view the world. As a matcher, you strongly feel fairness is the natural balance of the world and those with more ought to help those with less.

Most of the rules we live by are misunderstood.


When both the desire and satisfaction of desire are one in the same.