The power of Disqus

To continue a conversation that transcends space and time.

On Sept 12, I am looking forward to a lively discussion on the craft of writing from those who've mastered the art of writing. But the problem of space & time quickly comes into the equation. How often do you have a great idea after the fact? What do you do with the epiphany you get days later?

Enter Disqus. Disqus is a commenting tool that allows one to make a comment, ask a question, or share a thought. All you need is the web URL coordinates.

GPS waypoints achieve a pretty remarkable feat. Waypoints can be used to define every point in existence.

Every point in existence has a longitudinal and latitudinal (L&L) which can be used to identify it. Every mailbox on the planet has a L&L which can be found with a GPS device.

Every device connected to the internet can be traced to a unique IP Address.