Dear Jay,

I live in Morro Bay and am in Kiki's critique circle (Judy Salamacha is also in our group). I also teach a class on publishing a Cal Poly and am a SLO Nightwriter.

The letter you are reading was created with PubWriter. Pubwriter is a 'web canvas' I created that was inspired by Andy Weir, who in 2009 started publishing The Martian on his website, one chapter at a time. I created this page to show you some of the capabilities of it.

You can pretty much embed any HTML to your PubWriter site (on your own domain). For example, your own twitter feed:

One unique aspect of PubWriter is the 'save-to-publish.' You hit save, and within a minute, what you just saved is published on your site. Nothing to upload, and you work from your own desktop. The best content management system (CMS) is no CMS. You can work in any text editor and everything you save is backed up automatically to your own Dropbox account.

I can customize aspects of the site (colors, fonts, background, etc) to suit your preference, and it's optimized for mobile devices (which is more than 50% of all web traffic) by design.

PubWriter can hook to many other tools as well and depending on what you wanted to use it for, I could likely point you to an appropriate service (many are free).

It would be my honor to have you utilize it and I have no intention in charging you a fee to use it.

It can be used tightly with twitter, in fact twitter can serve as a index for pages you publish to it.

You can even embed your public Facebook posts:

The beauty is that you will be able to start to build your list (you can add a signup link) and have more control over the content your fans see first.

It's also a site you can just build to link to other places you are more active... in other words, you don't have to update it on a frequent basis unless you want to. Some authors are starting to use PubWriter as a Fan Building Framework.

You can check a showcase of other sites I've build with it here.

My office is in downtown SLO (two blocks from Linnaea's), and we can meet there to setup your site (which can remain as sandbox until you decide to make it live).

Feel free to give me a ring if you are interested, and we can discuss it further.

Thanks for considering,
Brian Schwartz

PS: Read more about Andy Weir's publishing journey here.