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Time since my 10 Day SPRINT day began...

10 day sprints provide me a structure to stay focused and accomplish more. To live with a sense of urgency! This has proven to be a very effective strategy for me. It allows me to 'put aside' all that is not vital to the objectives of the 10-day sprint! When you have a crystal clear goal, not only do people give you the space you need, but when it's a goal bigger than yourself, they rally behind you!

Imagine discovering a way to accomplish nearly anything you desire. What if your desires were aligned to what you would achieve instead of creating friction by trying to achieve that which you don't?

Step 1 - Set your objectives

Your KPI is only relevant when it's tied to a defined outcome. It proivdes the feedback you need to make the right decision now based on the future you predefined.

When you do what you love, and you allow yourself to become consumed by it, you can release yourself to it completely. Knowing you are on THE PATH, you have a KNOWING that carries a CONFIDENCE that will allow you to weather the ups and downs that are part of THE PATH ahead.

Do what you love and allow yourself to be fully consumed by it. You can release yourself fully into the activity because you are on the right path when you do. It’s about a deep inner trust and knowing that brings about the confidence needed to overcome the obstacles that are inherent in every worthy endeavor.

The quality of the work produced is a reflection of not only your personal dedication, but your ability to engage others in the idea - to enroll them in the possibility.

I am hooked on the idea, but am open to the possibilities of where that idea takes me.

Consider that our level of commitment is reflected in the quality of the artifacts produced.

Does every interaction with the world reflect your single minded commitment to the idea?


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