By Edd Byrnes

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In 1977, Edd Byrnes, known as Kookie in the hit television series, 77 Sunset Strip, won 3 million dollars in Las Vegas. Immediately, 2 people lay claim to his jackpot, plunging Edd into a nightmare of danger. From threats at the casino, to a home invasion, to persuading his actor friends to put themselves at risk in a potentially dangerous scheme, Edd's experience is a lesson to all who gamble.

Alan Young, David Hedison and Henry Silva, join Edd in this full-cast audio-book to disclose their memories of the terrifying events. The part of the criminal is played by Michael Callan. Edd's two girlfriends, who must remain anonymous, are played by Ishtar Uhvanna (Jessica) and Christianna Carmine (Kristy).

About the author

Edd Byrnes is known for his role of Kookie in the TV series 77 Sunset Strip which ran for seven years. He appeared on 22 magazine covers in one month.

Edd’s recording of 'Kookie, Kookie Lend Me Your Comb' earned him a gold record and credits him as the first rap singer.

He's appeared in 83 movies and TV shows. His character of Vince Fontaine in Grease earned Edd a new group of fans. Edd’s other memoir is Edd Byrnes, Kookie No More