The Buoy

Life is like this. We fall from the sky and splash into the ocean at birth. We begin to sink down toward the bottom. As we float down, all the ideas, thoughts, feelings, and experiences surround us and come into view as quickly as they fade away. Like small objects floating, we inject ourselves into many of them. Some appear quite scary, others quite beautiful.

There is a buoy tethered to the ocean floor. No matter how rough the waters get, it stays in place. The line is our anchor. It's what we come back to. It's our foundation that is connected to the source from when we came and the floor to where we are heading.

Eventually, we find ourselves on the bottom. If we are lucky enough, we naturally float to the bottom over a long duration (years). For some however, the dangers of the ocean pick us off and our journey to the floor is cut short.

The further you descend, as you look back up towards the surface, you see all your memories and it's an amazing site indeed. You could live happily ever after on your memories alone. But life is not about looking back all the time. You have to look around you and look down where you are heading.


When we meditate, we get the opportunity to look back towards the surface. We can see all of the beauty that above us that exists only as a memory. As we continue to quiet the mind however, the artifacts around us begin to fade and we are left floating in the water without a single item in view. This is a blissful state, and while we can bask in it for a time, eventually objects do appear and we are back to our journey.

Morning Bird

Birds chirp in the morning (before the sunrise) because they believe it's their chirping that makes the sun rise. It's their job and the awake every morning with a purpose.

Stop and think about your purpose. Your job. Whether or not it's tied to the actual outcome is less important than you believing it is.