The Brink

Are you at the brink?

The brink of giving up. The brink of giving in. The brink of letting go. The brink of stepping off the cliff.

When it feels as if everything else is out of our control, there's only one thing left - our attitude.

Attitude is the one thing that will always be within our control.

Attitude is the one nobody else can effect. Where does attitude come from? It's the little voice in our head.

Saying I can't is a bad attitude. Saying I can is a good attitude.

You achieve what you believe. Your attitude is intertwined with your thoughts and it's your thoughts that dictate your behavior, which ultimately determines your reality.

It begins with beliefs. Beliefs about who we are, and who we aren't.

But this is where it really gets interesting... It's our beliefs about others that impact us more than we think. To an extent, we are all teachers and students of one another. I am sure you agree that the belief a teacher has of a student largerly impacts the outcome of that student.

We become who others believe us to be. But if we let others define our limits, we limit who we become.

What we believe we can do determines what we attempt.

What if you assumed you could until your proved you couldn't?

Self Efficacy

I know I can until I can't. I'll never know if I can until I try. The more I try, the more I can. The more I can, the less I can't. The less I can't, the more confident I become. In the end, I believe nothing is impossible. It's simply a matter of dedicating the necessary time and energy to achieve it. It's a matter of asking for help when needed, and believing in the ability to achieve it. Anything is possible.

Self-Efficacy is your ability to produce a desired result. It is strengthened whenever you overcome obstacles.

Hiring someone to do a task who has already succeeded in the completion of a similar task previously reflects a level of self-efficacy in their ability to perform the desired result.

Efficacy is the evidence to believe in the ability of yourself and others.

You are only confined by the walls you build yourself.

Does time confine you or free you?

Time blocks and deadlines can be used to achieve the impossible.

Let's start with a simple exercise.