Which brain to blame?

How an image can inspire writing.

Left brained

Are you being reasonable? If so, check in with the left brain. Need to be more creative? tap in to the right

We tend to one side, and it's not our making. Those with a dominate left brain have an ingrained aptitude for science, mathematics, and logic. Those predisposed to favor the right brain are the creative types.

The outcome of our lives is heavily dependent upon which side and what's important to grasp is that you were born with the tendency to be right or left and as much as you might wish you were different, you aren't.

To a large extent, who you are is hardwired to a the system you run on.

You brain is the core operating system and many of us have a mac brain - that is one that is creative, but necessarily as practical as those who run a Microsoft operating system - one that is better suited for business and compatibility. The uniqueness of our mac brains is beautiful, but the incompatibility is less useful.

Think of getting organized and having a clean office (the two are inter-related). I have struggled my entire life getting organized because my brain is wired more for creativity and less for order.

Unless... the system I am using to get organized is inherently creative, I won't use it. The simple description would be 'An organizing system for the right brained.'

Do you create piles in your office? If so, you are likely right-brain dominate. Your mind needs visual cues because out-of-sight puts it out-of-your-mind.

You need a visually stimulating environment.

Then why do I feel so much better when I walk into a clean office?

Because your creativity is given a blank canvas, and it's on a blank canvas that your greatest work awaits.

If you prefer files over piles, you are probably left-brain dominate.

Right brained

The right-brained individual needs visual cues (although should still keep papers neat and organized. These options avoid the out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome that pushes a right-brained person to create piles instead of files.

Engage your right brain by asking What...?

What if? What can I do to offload more work? What can I do to be more focused?

You can take a quiz to find out which side you are dominant on (although you probably already know).

Here are my results:

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 5(5)
Right Brain Dominance: 12(12)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

The belly brain

A brain in your belly? Really? Yes!

Shifting from left to right

Consider that the brain is like two committees. The left is the logical (viewed as cold & harsh from the right's perspective). The right is the creative and dreamy (not rooted in reality from the left's perspective).

The brain in the belly provides the overriding vote. It literally does a gut check to determine which one to support.

When we decide w/o consulting our gut, we risk making a poor decision.

Weigh all the facts, but trust the gut.

The key is shift to the right is instead of asking 'Why,' ask 'What.'

When you ask Why, you engage the analytical part of your brain (left brain). It's a master a data gathering, sorting events, and a way to validate why things are why they are!

Instead, ask WHAT. This is a subtle, but powerful shift - it call on the right side of our brain - the right side that is future orientated (not past oriented like the left). The right side is energized by newness and creativity. It'll use imagination to create new possibilities for your future. It will point you down paths to fulfill on the vision it's created.

Here's how you do it: Ask 'What can I do to become more organized and in control?' instead of 'Why am I so disorganized?' There's no solution in the looking at the whys of the past, but rather the solution exists in the What's of the future. Know this: The right side loves questions, not statements. Stay open to answer your left (why) brain will question (why) - trust your right side will lead you down a path (and often that path won't be clear until you've travelled down it)! Because the right side is relational and metaphoric, keep in mind the path (the answers) may come via mediums like songs, images, and dreams with hidden meanings. Again, trust and go with it!

*Good example for me: Overwhelmed and drowning in opportunities... for an answer, shift to my future self, my right brain - by asking 'What would I have been glad to have completed at the end of today? What would give me peace of mind and allow me to sleep well knowing that I did the best I could with what I have? What value did I bring to the world (& the others who make it up) based on the best utilization of my abilities today?

When I am stuck on what to do next, ask what I can do to manifest creation, love, and play into my day - and into the day of others? This is the source of all contentment and fulfillment.

Shift your perspective and remember this: The amont of of money you earn is a direct proportion to the value you create!!!!!!!!

I've had an issue with money my whole life because of the fear of making others feel bad (having money somehow translates into making others (with less money) feel bad.

Instead, engage the right brain: What can I do to bring more value to my clients? What can I do to bring more value to the people I love?