This calendar will guide you towards activities each week you can focus on to publish, promote, and profit from your book. Book promotion is an ongoing effort and creating a schedule is vital!

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AuthorDock is a writer's dashboard

12 weeks - 12 modules - repeat every 13 weeks

  1. Editing Phase (Tips, tricks, and resources)
  2. Interior Formatting (for Kindle & print-on-demand)
  3. Cover design tips, tricks, and resources
  4. Marketplace Setup and Optimization
  5. Advance Reader Campaign
  6. Building an Author Website
  7. Create & grow online profiles & presence (social media)
  8. Agent queries
  9. Getting book reviews
  10. Becoming an Amazon bestseller
  11. Amazon Optimization
  12. Book Marketing (strategic planning)

Why AuthorDock?

Strategies, collaboration, leveraging the best practices. It's the power of the POD!

AuthorDock is the tool we use to manage all of our client work across our entire team.

If you are an existing client or partner, we'll provide you a link to create an account and give you secure access to your page(s).

If you'd like to learn more about the tool yourself visit

The Process

  1. Create new event
  2. Choose a Tracker:
    • New Request (triggers a quote if not part of existing scope)
    • Work Order (already tied to an invoice)
    • Someday/Maybe (no action needed)
    • Change Order (may trigger an invoice)
  3. Select an Assignee (has to be resource assigned to the project)

That assignee will be notified. The assignee can also see the newly assigned task on their 'My Page'

Alternatively, you can setup a search URL to see what is 'new' but not yet 'in process.' This is a good way to look at your queue.

The first step in the workflow is to review the scope and allocate the required time in your schedule.

In the first 10 minutes of your day, define what you will work by slotting it onto your schedule!

AuthorDock is an all-in-one secure space to manage your publishing business.

The purpose of AuthorDock is to turn ideas into projects and projects into actionable steps.

Write. Edit. Publish. Promote. Profit!

The difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline. AuthorDock provides a structure to assign deadlines (and resources) to produce the outcomes necessary to achieve your goals. Ideas are turned into action when you take the first step in your action plan.

Each author receives a secure 'project' page that includes the following components (depending our your level of engagement):

All the vital information that you need to refer to on a regular basis. Marketplace links, descriptions, keywords, categories, pricing, etc..

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You can login anytime to add items to your plan and monitor progress. At your discretion, your team can have access to your project page as well, allowing them to quickly convey important updates.

‡ Recommended resources, tools, and success stories. The most successful publishers are always testing out new strategies. In the news section, we'll share 'best practices' and new ideas to try. The world of digital publishing is an ever evolving universe. The advantage goes to the nimble authors who can act quickly. This is one of the things that makes AuthorDock especially valuable; over the past 5 years, we gathered a rich database of extremely valuable information that you will find helpful in moving ahead of the competition.

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