Assimilation is part of the creative process outlined in The Path of Least Resistance. It's the second of the 3 peaks in the cycle: Germination → Assimilation → Completion

Defined as the time frame in which we learn the skills in such a way that they become an extension of ourselves. Although invisible to us for a period of time, assimilation is occurring. It follows the germination phase.

Because it's hidden from us, it's easy to abandon. But it does exist, and eventually the evidence will become visible.

Signs that assimilation is occurring: * Discomfort * Frustration * Disappointment

Perhaps because of these 3 'pain' points, assimilation is the most difficult phase in creation. It's where most people get stuck. Living from a reactive-responsive orientation, we'll be likely to give up. We'll justify reasons to give up. We will avoid short term pain, but suffer long term consequences.

We go through assimilation phases during life transitions. The change of a job, the downturn of a business, the move to a new town, or even during a loss. Instead of being reactive to the situation, view it as a creative process. Your life is your greatest creation. Anticipate that you will go through periods of extreme discomfort as you assimilate into your future. From the creator orientation, you'll recognize more opportunities for growth.

The creation process will unfold in it's own time. It may be frustratingly slow. Frustration itself is a sign of the process. You might think time is wasted, that things are too inefficient, but it's all essentially part of the process.

It's shows up as trial and error, as experimentation. When you are constantly inventing and discovering, you are bound to take a few missteps. From the creator orientation, there are no mistakes.

Fortune favors the brave

Failure falls on the fortune ones.

Before we come to understand balance, we must know what it means to fall.

Strength comes from being tested. The greater the adversity you face, the stronger you become. When life becomes more than you think can bear, remember it's only another test, and you will emerge stronger. Life will never give us more than we can handle.

Failure is how we learn. Knowledge is cannot be assimilated until it is tested. When we fail, we assimilate essential knowledge. Failure is becoming one with new knowledge. Knowledge is a concept, wisdom is skill. Be grateful for the tests, for they provide the ability to transfer knowledge into wisdom.

What if you woke up tomorrow and your sole objective was to fail as many times as you could?

Through the assimilation phase, you will discover that failure is a positive event. For the only way to improve, is to recognize that there's always room for improvement.

True improvement stems from admitting we know less, a willingness to ask for help, and open to new lessons (or relearning). Creators accept there will always be something new to discover. Hidden in learning is self discovery. When something new needs to be assimilated to achieve our desired outcome, new lessons to learn will be offered and we will be tested.

Recognizing the gap between where you are and where you want to be is the start of structural tension. The closer you get to the outcome you seek, the deeper you go into the assimilation phase, and the more difficult the tests become.

To fully assimilate your current step, you must move to the next, even when you feel inadequately prepared for it (and you will).

Trust yourself like never before and you will know more than you did before. Never forget failing is naturally part of the process. Those who achieved more than you have come to understand this. Your failures need not weigh you down, instead see them as a source of your stength (because they are). Those on the path rarely feel like fakes or imposters. Trust that you know more than they you did before and life will never give you more than you can handle. The lessons we learn as a result of moving ahead will prepare us for the steps that follow.

Progress requires a willingness to fail.

You are better than you know. Much better. Heed the little voice inside your head telling you otherwise. It may have been needed at one time, but you've been keeping it around for far too long.

Too often, our hesitation to step beyond where we are now stems from not recognizing that you've already come so far.

One performance is equal to seven rehearsals.

Knowledge: The more you get, the more you want.

[I cannot emphasize enough the importance of those seven words. If you doubt it's truth, start putting yourself out into the public and watch how quickly you improve. Improvement rarely happens in our comfort zone. Your life was meant to be a performance. It gives new meaning to the phrase 'publish or parish.' Live out loud. Express who you are without hesitation.]

Structural Tension

It's the tension that exists between the done and undone. Between the idea and the realization of that idea. Tension drives action. It moves us to learn what we need to learn and overcome the obstacles that need to be done. Win the wars that need to be won.

It begins the moment we realize that something needs to be done (or undone).

We will never be fully self-actualized because an aspect of self-actualization is indefinite improvement. The process of the self is ever expanding. The definition of who we are is infinity expanding. Who you are is indefinite and for that reason, there will always be tension.

Your full potential will never be realized because potential by definition is indefinite.

Tension is unrealized potential.

Peace Redefined.

It occurred to me today that I live in the safest place on earth. From the moment I awake, till the moment I fall asleep, there's nothing to be afraid of. The less of it you have, the less have to lose, and there is real freedom in that.

Living in peace means learning to live with the ever present tension that will always exist as long as you do. It means accepting the way things are, the way things have been, and the way life unfolds. To accept who we are, who we've been, and who we'll become. I have learned that those who are truly happy are happy regardless of their circumstances. They live with a level of peace I admire. They rarely gripe about life, even when they have plenty to gripe about.

It comes to acceptance. Acceptance of yourself, right now. If you can't accept yourself for who you are, when will you ever? There's always room for improvement.

No matter how perfect you are, you will find the imperfections if you look close enough.

What if instead of striving to realize your full potential, you accepted yourself and everyone else for who they are right now? Here's why: They have realized their full potential because up to this point, they are living to their full potential.

Up to this point, we have lived to our full potential. Our greatest potential always lies ahead, never behind. To think that anyone, especially yourself has not live up to their full potential is a self-deceit. Our full potential reflects who we are, right now. Society may try to fool you otherwise.

All you are and all you'll ever be is unrealized potential. Potential is what pulls us into the future. Potential is the driving force of life.

Tension = Unrealized Potential (UP)!

UP is the path up! 8UP can help you recognize the potential outcomes form a single intention.

8 UP

Take a piece of paper. Fold it in half. Fold it half again. Fold it once more. Now unfold it. You will have 8 boxes. 8 Boxes of unfulfilled potential.

Now write tomorrow's date in box #1. In boxes 2-8, write 7 ways you can realize your unfulfilled potential (your UP) tomorrow. It's a matter of defining your prime objective for the day ahead. Keep the Prime Objective (PO) ever present. It's the side you leave exposed when you fold it back up and put it in your pocket. Throughout the day, keep glancing at it. Move towards it with all the secondary (small yet important) decisions you make throughout the day. Act in alignment that your choice to be the creative force in your life is a fundamental choice!

[I need to stick around because there are still so many people I need to thank, for acts of kindness I can't even imagine, for things I cannot begin to fathom.]

There are many words left to be spoken. Many words left to be written. Leave nothing left unsaid.

Unnecessary tension

When you strive to become something you're not, you add tension that is not needed. Self-conflict becomes an obstacle to living at your full potential. Your are battling an unnecessary war that nobody else can see. When you fight a war with yourself, who wins?

[It costs something to make something great. What are the costs of an extraordinary life? Trust me, the costs are worth it. When it comes to greatness, don't be cheap.]

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