I wrote this in the beginning of 50 Interviews...

50 Interviews mission is to expand a proven framework of helping others uncover their true passion and find greater fulfillment in life and work. Consisting of a team of correspondents who seek out the truth, we explode myths and reveal the unwritten rules in a way that moves us from spectator to participant in our chosen endeavor.

By the time each correspondent has interviewed 50 experts in a field, they find themselves transformed in the process and awake to the vital mindset with the confidence, support, and resources necessary to insure success in literally ANY endeavor.

The final result is expressed in a form of ‘career cliff notes’ made available to anyone in that field seeking greater knowledge, and to satisfy the curiosity of those seeking a glimpse of what it is like to stand in their shoes.

Our greater purpose is that more of us discover our true passion and fulfill a purpose greater than ourselves. Doing so contributes more to the world and impacts others in a powerful way. Imagine awaking every single day as excited as you were on Christmas morning when you were ten years old. People do, and so can you.

My goal for the next 6-12 months is to get another five or so books completed in the series with my ‘correspondents’ as authors and then I’m confident I’ll have enough leverage (& protection) to approach some of the larger publishing firms.

Looking back 8 years later...

I realize that my opportunity to teach at SLOCA & inspire may open the door to a 50 Interviews program for youth. Specifically, those who's parents are open to a non-traditional education.

Inspire gives me an opportunity to offer a 50 Interviews curriculum, which can be delivered over year and funded through the homeschool model.

The dream is still alive

I wonder if I had stuck it out longer. I wonder if I let my need to earn a living derail me. I wonder where I'd be today if I just kept interviewing people and coaching others through the process as well. I gave up the traditional book method because the profit on books was low and the effort for authors was high. Perhaps the effort was misplaced.

If I had to do it over today - I might explore taking the hotseat model on the road. But if I do, I need to find other sources of revenue since colleges and clubs don't always have a budget to pay for speakers.

I would build an email list at 50insights. I would segment the list by topic of interests. I would seek out others to expand the model - setting up a speakers bureau to handle the bookings and take advantage of the geographic reach of each author.

A viable model may simple leverage the existing content, but repurpose it in a more accessible model.