47 Things

47 Things I learned in my 47 years on earth. Or my 47 best quotes.

  1. Authentic Love(/love.md)
  2. Who we are is what we do (/be.md). We are verbs not nouns.
  3. Freewill is an illusion (/truth.md)
  4. Those I can open myself up to are my favorite people.
  5. I am surrounded by rockstars
  6. Deadlines drive action
  7. Look for peak experiences in the everyday
  8. The best things in life are free and invisible: Love, breath, and kindness
  9. In the end, kindness is the currency that matters.
  10. I wish the world world adopt phone free fridays.
  11. My favorite part of you are the imperfections that make you uniquely who you are (key loving myself).
  12. Live is a short-term loan, all that which is given is eventually taken back.
  13. Every decision we makes is based on our experience and beliefs. As a result, every decision we make is both biased and flawed.
  14. I do what I can. And the more I do, the more I can.
  15. My purpose is to create and experience more peak experiences. A peak experience often stems from the most uncomofrtable ones.
  16. Meditation is a window to see the soul.
  17. Being wealthy is not required to be generous. Kindness, compliments, and recognition is free.
  18. Being shy is being selfish.
  19. Desire is the seed of discontent.
  20. Our beliefs determine the doors we open and close every day, they define the life we live.
  21. Setbacks present golden opportunities to learn something new.
  22. Who we are need not be determined by our past, but the future self we are determined to live into.
  23. Weigh all the facts, but trust the gut. It knows. I can't say why, but it knows. These are the decisions that define who we become.
  24. Your source of self confidence is rooted in self discipline.
  25. The role you play determines your pay.
  26. Speak up. Publish. Because life's more fun when you step outside your own bubble.
  27. The opinions of others need not be your concern. Your opinion of you is the only one that matters. PS: We are usually our own worst critics.
  28. When you register a new domain, be sure to grab the plural version as well. It might become a bigger than you think.
  29. Your life is a loan. You have to pay it back with interest.