3 Marks of existence

A powerful teaching to return to.

We tend to live with the delusion that these exist as part of our own existence. Much of the suffering we feel in life can end when we fully accept the 3 marks.

To accept our existence as it truly is, we acknowledge the 3 marks of existence. The acronym DIE can help you remember. Remind yourself, we all DIE, and remember the 3 marks:

D. Dukkha - Bad shit happens. Stress, discomfort, pain, and discontent are all aspects of reality.

I. Impermanence - Everything is in an ever state of change (evolution and death).

E. Egolessness - We are not who we think we are. The ego in little more than a primative coping mechanism. It hasn't evolved too much. It's a way to relate to the world, but not the only way.

Add to this how our mind strings unconnected events together to build a narrative it can make sense of, and you begin to understand how much of reality is an illusion. It's an illusion because of the primitive nature of our mind to make sense of it all.

At any given moment, bad things can occur (Dukka), change is taking place, and our view is self-directed. Take a close look at any moment, and you can see evidence of all 3.

From the moment I'm born, we begin to die. Death is proof of impermanence. The tension of resistance to death (or simply staying alive) is Dukka, and self-preservation underlies every decision.

Now, given this knowledge, is there anything to get worked up about?

You eat, what you eat dies. You think, what you think changes. As long as you live, you are going to avoid threat. Your mind will not be idle. If your clinging to thoughts that are not serving you, then introduce new thoughts that do. No thought is not an option!

Your thoughts?

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