3 Brains

Did you know you have 3 brains? Two in your head (the left and right hemisphere), and one in your belly.

Another concept for understanding the 3 brains:

All 3 act independently. It’s why we know we should do something (neocortex) but act in conflict (emotional). You need to associate emotions with the change your thinking brain wants to make. Associate with things that are easy, fun, new, and different, identify with the emotional payoff. You’ve got to have an emotional attachment (positive) to the outcome of the goal you have or the thing you want to change about yourself. Otherwise, it will be viewed as pain by the limbic system and you’ll find yourself acting in a conflicting manner.

Action: Grow new pathways in your brain: a few minutes everyday - meditate on this: visualize new circuits actually growing in your brain. These new circuits exist for the purpose of adapting new habits, new ideas, and new results. Know that in order to change, to accomplish a goal - that a new pathway in your brain must be made - but there’s infinite space of new pathways. And know that in order to strengthen a new pathway, you must form an emotional bond to that destination - it gives purpose in the journey.