10 Years Old

Looking at the world through the eyes of a 10-year old.

Everything is exciting because it's all new! As compared to an adult, you've only been in this story a short time. Like a new character in a movie, your role is yet to be defined.

It's the role that defines the character.

Those who are thrust in to adversity early in life are forced to build a character strong enough to overcome that adversity. It serves them well later in life.

Those born into privilege, where adversity is a rare occurrence, have issues dealing with it later in life.

Your daily agenda

You do, for the most part, what you want to do.
You give more of your attention to the task at hand, don't you?

I'm asking the question more: Is what I'm doing right now going to have a positive impact on a million people in 10 years?

Lily view of your life

Throughout you waking hours, take a lily view of your life. It's a view from above yourself. You are looking down on your life. Are you living it as you would if you were watching?

Being a lily is all about taking an observers view of your life. Act as if.... Act as if you were an investigative reporter and your assignment was your life. Pay close attention to the decision process, the artifacts produced.

After all, isn't Facebook the daily paper for us to report in on the story of our life? And the life of others?

Derek Franklin is a investigative journalist for the human mind. He has crafted a series of 'life maps' to reveal the steps to success.

Live your life as if you were watching.

Take a non-biased objective view of your life - from the eyes of a lily.

At times, you will find great benefit from putting aside your subjective, judgmental, self critical, emotional self. Can you see the truth?

The truth being...